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So you've stumbled upon this site and having no idea what you're looking at?

Well first off;
Me to the left, owner and creator of this website aka Twily and more recently, Analie (Star), more about that below.

This website was created as part of a desktop ricing/customization community on 4chans technology board, it has since been left here in the open for me and others to use what we need.

I am not active in this community anymore, I may still add things here for me and anyone who stumbles upon it, it is simply an archive of files/configs with a focus on linux in general.

Many things here will be way out of date, but you may be able to salvage some, use it as guidelines, a framework to build on, or maybe just inspiration.

So where have I been? I used to work a factory job back when i was active with this site, but then 4chan turned me gay and i had to transition to shemale^.^

I began my transition officially with hormones around summer 2016, by christmas i was getting increasingly depressed with the factory place and I quit it early 2017.

By then I had already started my cam career as a trans girl on chaturbate both because I loved doing it and it was a substitute to live off.

Now it's been almost 3 years since then and I still haven't gotten a better internet line lol, but this fall 2019 I did shoot solo porn for Grooby in London and I got a whole new spark for this career (why do I love being a slut so much?).

Now since this is my first in-depth publication about my porn life here I'm sure there is going to raise curiosity as well, so you can find me and all my stuff @analiestar (18+).

Anyways, please enjoy your stay, use the sitemap to search files in here, leave a message in the chat if you will ~ Twily xx

twily at twily dot info
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