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Lol look at you

You are the sjws

See? Now you must admit that either sjws are right and we should be considerate with how we portray people in media (*gasp* shocking!) 

Or you can suck it up and not be tue special snowflakes with hurt fee fees crying about how you're portrayed. White men have been heroes in countless fiction, can't your fragile egos handle a little hurt?

God this is why I prefer 4chan to this shithole. Overthere its much more liberal and centrist with people acknowledging the sjw shit was just a bunch of fear mongering like the communist scare of the 60s. Its able to acknowledge both political parties are fucked, though republicans and trump especially. But here? Literally right wing sjws. You fabricated an enemy in your mind (some crazy ebil pocs who somehow control the world because they want to be seen as people and have equal rights and representation) and you became the easily offended majority that thinks its a minority.

God I hate you people. Everything I have said is true but you all will freak out and act irrationally smug to protect your fragile egos. Fuck you. Hopefully someone out there will see this post and wake up.

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